Monday, June 18, 2007

Richard Rorty -- and Mike Rose

What I know of Richard Rorty is a column he wrote about education and a challenge to it by Mike Rose. Having just learned of Rorty's death - see New York Times obituary - I now want to go back and find that material, which I quoted in my master's thesis on Mike Rose. But reading the obituary I was at first quite taken with a quote attributed to Rorty which a later correction in the NYT clarifies:
An obituary on Monday about the philosopher Richard Rorty misidentified the source of the quotation, “There is no basis for deciding what counts as knowledge and truth other than what one’s peers will let one get away with in the open exchange of claims, counterclaims and reasons.” It was from Charles Guignon and David R. Hiley in the introduction to the book “Richard Rorty,” (review here) which they edited; it was not from Mr. Rorty.
This question of epistemology is of interest in our rhetoric classes when students want the truth. What about Wikipedia, for example.

Meanwhile, another connection between Rose and Rorty comes from Jeff Smith's article in College English
College English, Vol. 55, No. 7 (Nov., 1993), pp. 721-744: "Allan Bloom, Mike Rose, and Paul Goodman: In Search of a Lost Pedagogical Synthesis." But this is not the interchange I recall. A quick Google search did not bring it up, so I will have to do some looking at home.



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