Thursday, December 27, 2007

I wondered what this Google Friends thing was

Miguel Helft at the New York Times has helped me understand the new Google Friends feature on my Google blog reader - and I don't like what I hear, if I understand it. Yes, I find the Google Reader very helpful to keep track of blogs by friends and colleagues. But I don't necessarily want to share that with everyone. As far as I know, though, I haven't used the Google Talk feature, so maybe I'm "safe" as Helft explains it. Has anyone else? I certainly see Helft's point that just because I might talk with someone about an article or item, that doesn't necessarily make us friends.



Blogger amd said...

When I started using Google Reader I had a friend, with whom I have emailed and google-talked, show up as a "friend" on reader. Since then, another person has also shown up, but a third, with whom I have google-talked and who I know uses GR, has not. I haven't really investigated enough to be able to explain that.

But they can only see the stuff I that I specifically mark as "shared" (by clicking the link at the bottom of the entry's display on GR) - they can't see everything I subscribe to. I suppose this could become an issue if I started sharing stuff that I only wanted a few people to see, but personally I think I'd use email for that instead of the share function.


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