Sunday, November 09, 2008

Have you renewed your poetic license?

I had a delightful laugh yesterday when reading last week's (11/2) Sunday Oregonian with Brian Doyle's "Modest Proposal for Poetry Inspectors." Nice wit and lovely variation of elastic and elongated (but not excruciating) sentences with tiny tasty tidbits. "Wouldn't that be cool?" I agree that Oregon's poet laureate Lawson Inada should be police chief and Ursula LeGuin should "speak directly by Web camera to every child in every school in Oregon."

Doyle's essay, does, however leave me with a slight distaste in his parodying of teen girls and their poetic habits. Just as many teen boys suffer with poetic angst. Does Doyle imagine that none of these boys' girlfriends dread their interminable poetry readings?

However, I enjoy Doyle's essays, and now I see he has published a book of poems, so I should check it out. Here's another of his essays.



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