Friday, July 28, 2006

Ekphrastic poetry

Having a lovely morning pondering ekphrastic poetry:

I will at some point post a poem I wrote about Paris, no apple astonishing me - [Collins' Apple That Astonished Paris]. I recently learned a second allusion to that title - not only is it Paris and the 3 graces and the golden apple, but also, Cezanne's painting! - I don't actually have that volume of Collins' so maybe he has a poem - ekphrastic? - that clarifies whether he is talking about the Greek or the Impressionist. However a brief search of the table of contents on for an acual poem (eponymous) of that title in the Apple volume comes up empty, so maybe there isn't actually one.

Here are some pages about ekphrastic poetry: copy paste into a browser
and links (i hope) Ekphrastic

And here is information on the Breughel painting of Icarus:
Painting of Icarus
which links to two ekphrastic poems - one by WH Auden and one by William Carlos Williams. Lovely.


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