Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to work, back to school

Having recently enjoyed a wonderful visit to Washington DC complete with tour of the National Portrait Gallery where I worked in 1969, I want to share two of the portraits I found especially dazzling.

Cecelia Beaux's 19th century portrait of Henry Sturgis Drinker, her brother in law, with his cat, seems a precursor to Everett Kinstler's dashing portrait of author Tom Wolfe, in ubiquitous white suit, looking so pleased with himself.

Could we say that these paintings are somewhat fungible? "Fungible"
Are fungi fungible?


Blogger River Wiedle said...

Well, in my opinion fungi are not always always fungible... I personally would not want to eat a large red mushroom with white polka dots in exchange for the small, plain white mushrooms I enjoyed with my pizza recently. Anyhow, the two portraits are undoubtedly fungible, although the artistic styles of the painters differ considerably. In my mind however, Henry Sturgis Drinker's friendly feline and his rather large and protrusive moustache would not seem out of place in Tom Wolfe's magnificant portrait.

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