Saturday, October 14, 2006

TYCA Conference & blogging presentation

Today Michael Faris and I went to Chemeketa Community College in Salem and co-presented a workshop on the use of blogging in the composition classroom. We co-authored our presentation over the last few weeks on the free collaborative online software Writely (now called Google.Docs since Wednesday.) which worked out very well, see Michael's comment on his blog. I would highly recommend that, especially over the Microsoft Track-Changes or emailing versions back and forth. Working with with Michael has been just great. We did a lot of research on line, in print, and face-to-face interviews. We had a nice turnout (including Lisa Ede), and most participants posted to the TYCA blog where we hope to have a lively ongoing conversation.

On my desk are about 4 other blog posts I hope to write up tomorrow. I feel woefully behind but now that the Graffs have visited OSU this week and the conference presentation is finished, I hope to get more done.


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