Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday evening again in Oregon - last day of classes

The sun has been down for quite a while, the sky is clear, the moon is nearly full, the air is crispy and it definitely seems like winter. I hope tomorrow is clear and nice though I suspect that over on my side of the valley we will have some morning (all day?) fog.

Twice today I visited the annual holiday marketplace of craft vendors in the ballroom of OSU's Memorial Union, full of wonderful smells (if I could have smelled them with my cold) - soaps (I bought 3 as usual - lemongrass, orange spice, etc), sachets (bought 4, I think they are lavender), candles (2 beeswax frog candles made by Birdie), 2 tree ornaments - one cat porcelaine and one silvery metal. Piano, harp, violin music lent a real holiday spirit.

Time to head home with bags full of student papers to start grading over the weekend. For our final day we looked at World War II propaganda posters, deduced claims and appeals, and then tried to create a poster of own. Interesting challenge.

Next week I promise to write more.


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