Thursday, January 18, 2007

Textbook Help

If anyone knows of a textbook to help GTA's and new adjuncts teach business writing, I would love to hear of it. Our GTA's at Oregon State have a handbook (Wilhoit) for teaching composition or literature, but I have yet to locate a textbook that would help them teach business writing. Of course we will have exam-desk copies of the actual textbook used by the undergraduates in the class, but it would be wonderful to have a book of instructor resources / instructor advice for background preparation.


Blogger Suzan St Maur said...

You might find the following eBooks helpful:

The MAMBA Way To Make Your Words Sell


The Easy Way To Be Brilliant At Business Writing

And my print book, "Powerwriting: the hidden skills you need to transform your business writing" would also be helpful in your case:

Please get in touch if I can help you.


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