Thursday, March 22, 2007

CCCC - New York - Internet

Great to be in New York for the CCCC conference (Convention for College Composition and Communication) - many great colleagues, great ideas. Too many great concurrent sesssions to choose from (but at least I have found my site and can track the online searchable catalog). Luckily the NCTE has provided some free internet in the exhibitor hall because the Hilton charges $10/day to use wireless in the rooms and another $10/day to use wireless in the lobby, so that lugging a heavy laptop to NY maybe was not necessary after all.

Michael and I will likely make the final revisions to our paper (being presented tomorrow) by hand rather than try to use the technology on where the paper resides.

One fun surprise - just ran into Mike Lewis, a fellow OSU MA classmate now in a rhet/comp PhD program in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukie. Mike and I shared an office at OSU for our first year as MA's and again for our year as Bridge instructors. Nice to catch up.

More later!



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