Monday, April 16, 2007

Update on "ThoughtCast"

In a previous post I used the word "Thoughtcast" to summarize these little think pieces of mine here. I mentioned that I had heard the term in a presentation at the CCCC conference in New York and found it a nice concept.

It turns out that the word "ThoughtCast" is a trademarked name used by Boston public radio station WGBH public radio station to describe "a podcast and public radio interview program with authors, academics and innovators" hosted by Jenny Attiyeh who says that "ThoughtCast offers something that is glaringly absent from the media today: a bridge between the publications and pursuits of the intellectual world and a curious, informed, mainstream audience."

Naturally, I was glad to know this and quite willing to clarify the point with any readers. I guess Jenny is now one of my readers, as she found my use of the word and wrote to let me know. A very nice "cease and desist" notice.



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