Thursday, August 02, 2007

Everything IS Miscellaneous

My friend Paula, the librarian, sent me a link to an excellent, funny, philosophical, thought-provoking 57-minute video of a presentation by David Weinberger on his new book Everything is Miscellaneous, in which Weinberger explains how taxonomies such as Aristotle's or the Dewey decimal system which are necessary for physical objects such as books which cannot physically be in two places at once, are incredibly limiting cognitively, and especially now when digitally any piece of information can indeed be in more than one place at a time, in fact in an infinite number of places. Therefore, Weinberger prefers tagging systems such as because they allow us to put the "same leaf on many branches." Of course this concept of how to file things appeals largely to those of us who are categorized (limited binary!) in the Myers-Briggs system as "P" personalty types who are forever revising and reviewing. If I had a transcript of this video I would quote. If I knew how to post the video directly, I would, but the link is above.

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