Friday, March 14, 2008

A frabjous day

A rainy dark morning (the sun has not yet overcome the jolt of Daylight Savings Time) - but a frabjous day anyway, end of Dead Week, last day of classes for winter term (though my last classes were yesterday) and the start of grading. But today, mostly trying to catch up on many reports that have been progressing slowly. Meanwhile, listening to Berlioz' "Romeo and Juliet" symphony on KWAX - the music more jittery than I anticipated for this love story - maybe I'm just remembering the Zeffirelli film (1968). I'm wanting more the quiet mood evoked in Inara Verzemnieks March 9 essay "Tea and Liminal Spaces" about Portland performance artist Gary Wiseman and his Tea Project. It sounds lovely to gather quietly with strangers on a cold dark morning and sip tea. Reading this essay over breakfast this morning -- I am nearly caught up on left over Sunday Oregonians - was a nice way to finish the term / start the two weeks of slightly less hectic pace - no real spring break but likely a day at the coast at some point (and taxes at some point). Later I will post on 2 essays about America's alliteracy.

ps: It's been so dark these mornings I didn't even realize that pink hyacinths are blooming in my yard - I saw them in the headlights as I drove away this morning. But tomorrow - Saturday - I will be home in daylight to admire all the flowers!


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