Friday, April 25, 2008

Anonymous was a woman -

Virginia Woolf commented on this fact -- "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman" and Mirra Bank wrote a book about it, and now a new book also outlines the history of anonymity in publishing. John Mullan's Anonymity: A Secret History Of English Literature in this review by Rutgh Wajnryb, outlines some of the reasons women have published anonymously.

But Joanna Russ's classic 1983 How to Suppress Women's Writing, (from the University of Texas press) dealt with the challenges facing women authors quite a while ago. Here's what Adrienne Rich said of Russ's book: (from the Google Books Link)
By the author of The Female Man [(Russ's science fiction novel of the 1970's) -- How to Suppress Women's Writing is] a provocative survey of the forces that work against women who dare to write. "Joanna Russ is a brilliant writer, a writer of real moral passion and high wit." -- Adrienne Rich "
Think PD James?


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