Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Ready to Teach Science Writing Again

Just a year ago, I posted here about my new online class in Science Writing. Actually it went fairly well, I taught it on campus this fall, and am now updating everything for winter. That made me think of book reviewing, a new assignment that went well and which I will continue. And that started me looking for resources, which somehow sent me to Blogger, which I discovered is now owned by Google -- and the access to which I had lost when my old computer died. Luckily I remembered which email I had used with it, so I was able to get in again. Science in action!

I was telling my students about the bald eagles I see in the mornings, perched in the high bare branches of a locust tree (this is Linn, County, Oregon). Actually not that rare here. They eat lambs. After a long dry spell (which meant that our area was socked in under heavy fog), we are back to a more typical Oregon rain.


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