Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Time / Spookiness / Oregon and Google Search Engines

Ok, here's the problem: Despite gaining an "extra hour" - really only a paid-back hour, and paid back without interest, by the way -- last night, I have no time to think, which means I have no time to write here, because I am nervous about posting comments that might not be sufficiently interesting.

That might be why I haven't posted in 2 weeks, which is a bad habit to get in. A lively blog should be posted daily - heavy on the Puritan ethic "should" I guess. But I haven't. Well, I have a draft post that is still languishing in the limbo of "draft" category. So I guess I'll just put this on to get back in practice even if it is not as brilliant as Clancy's or Jill's. Maybe, considering that Halloween is Tuesday - though in Oregon that might not mean as much as elsewhere - I could relax and consider that I am in costume - presenting an online persona that doesn't exactly have to be myself. Which leads me to the research I should be doing for a spring conference on online self-representation.

Which leads me to my other worry - the last time I Googled my name with the word Oregon, the first item was the rate my professor site - which is not as bad as it could be, considering how entirely random the site is because anyone can post anything about themselves or about anyone else, as this article called "The Art of the Bogus Rating" from the Chronicle of Higher Education makes clear.

And while this might sound a bit paranoid, I was slightly taken aback when Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein-Graff, visiting Oregon State U to discuss their new textbook They Say, I Say, which we are using in our first year composition class, said they "knew me" already from reading this blog. Erk. Yes, of course a blog is public, and that's its raison d'etre - but - - -.

So, I'm thinking that I need to use the word Oregon often so as to get the blog up higher on Google than the evaluation thing. Also - apparently there is someone in cyber space whose name is spelled either Sara or Sarah who has a Sara blog. It's not me, though. Just so you know.

OK -- back to work.


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