Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grammar handouts? Templates?

I was just happily noticing that the TYCA blog is more active lately after the recent conference at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR, and I found this entry on the effectiveness (or perceived effectiveness) of grammar handouts. Because I didn't see any of the actual handouts the blogger refers to, I cannot speak directly to this issue - and she did point out that they were mimeographed - hence much older - but I will say that in my writing classes I do use occasional grammar activities, such as a recent one that worked with transitions between paragraphs and between sentences. Several students said that this was the first time they really saw how necessary/useful it was to use transitition phrases such as "however, therefore, on the other hand," etc between ideas. If anyone wants a copy, just email me at

As for Gary's post about guided navigation, this is interesting, but without the link to the original post by Alexis and therefor without the pdf file he mentions, I'm a bit lost. -- NOTE -- if you are logged in to the TYCA blog with user name and password, then you can find the link to the 19-page PDF. I just printed it and will read it and add comments. It appears to be about locating logical or argumentative fallacies. But I still don't know who Alexis is.

I'm wondering if the templates he mentions resemble the Graff-Birkenstein They Say, I Say templates which we are using at Oregon State.


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