Friday, December 08, 2006

More on Information Literacy - Is that the right title?

A colleague sent this link to a link to a paper on information literacy delivered Rebecca Moore Howard, arguably the top person in Rhetoric and Composition working on information literacy and plagiarism. --Vicki

Here’s something else of interest - an essay I just read by Anne Frances Wysocki and Johndan Johnson-Eilola “Blinded by the Letter: Why are we Using Literacy as a Metaphor for Everything Else?” in

Passions, pedagogies, and 21st century technologies / edited by Gail E. Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe. NCTE/Utah State Univ Press, 1999, 349-368. PE1404 .P38 1999 2 copies now available again at OSU Valley (I have an Orbis copy)

They argue that we should think closely about using the word literacy for other skills of communication technologies – information literacy, technological literacy, cultural literacy, workplace literacy etc: Their introduction poses two questions:

“What are we likely to carry with us when we ask that our relationship with all other technologies should be like that we have with the technology of printed words?... what other possibilities might we use for expressing our relationships with and within technologies?” (349)

I want to go back and look at Robert Scholes “textual power” to see how this connects.


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