Sunday, December 24, 2006

Online Identities

Just found an article on "Personal Homes Pages and the Construction of Identities on the Web" by Daniel Chandler, which looks like it will relate well to the research for 4C's that Michael and I are working on, even though it is ancient (2000). Wonder if this research has been updated with all the recent changes.


Blogger LINDA BARNES said...

We are always constructing our identities. The clothes we wear, the thins we say and do not say, our hair styles, the cars we drive, our jobs and whether or not we brag about them, what we eat, our choce of friends --- I am actually surprised that there is so much attention paid to whether or not and how people create their on-line identities when so little attention is paid to our public personas in daily life.

Americans pride ourselves on having a kind of openness, a transparency, an honesty, if you will. As if we are conguent, authentic and open in all of our endeavors. This is silly. It is also terribly naive of anyone to believe that the people you see on the street each day are "real" but that if they have an on-line presence, it is somehow faked.

How many of us have ever been in a new situtaion, perhaps feeling nervous, and trying to impress others by acting as if we were more confident, smarter, richer, more popular and smarter than we really feel we are.

In fact, that's the way we create ourselves all through lfe. We choose a way we wish to be, and act "as if" until we attain it. At least that's one way to do it. And as this New Year begins, it's time for me to construct my Future Self plans so the acting can begin. I'll try this on-line as in 3-D.


4:17 PM  
Blogger Sara Jameson said...

This is sort of like Nike's "Just do it" philosophy - act AS IF - or as they say in AA, Fake it till you make it. If people realized more often that they have multiple overlapping identities they might more easily accept how they shape shift into different domains.

6:06 PM  

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