Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Research - a great excuse to read articles I want to read anyway!

Now that fall term is over, grades are turned in, and evaluations are received and used as next term's syllabi are started, there is time to get back to other projects in hiatus. One of these is research for a co-authored paper for 4C's to be written about graduate student teacher identity formation and presentation online. The research is an excellent excuse to read blogs by teachers, especially teachers of rhetoric and composition. Just now on Torill Mortenson's blog "Thinking with my Fingers" I found this cool article called "Blogging Thoughts: Personal publication as an online research tool" by Torill and Jill Walker, who also has a cool blog jill/txt. These add to three articles I found this morning by Michalinos Zembylas, which I printed to read. Luckily the Christmas break will have some time at home to read. My plan is to read and take notes, partly here on the blog and partly on the excellent Google Docs site where Michael and I are collaborating.


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