Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bishop Katharine

The Episcopal Church in America last fall elected and recently consecrated former OSU professor of Oceanography and Corvallis rector (of Good Samaritan Church, 35th and Harrison Streets), Katharine Jefferts Shori. Understandably, but sadly, some in the world wide Anglican communion
are not thrilled with her election, and some, particularly in the old South, are attempting to "seceed." This is a sad state of affairs.

Growing up in Washington DC just blocks from the Washington National Cathedral and living next door to John Kraus who was Verger at the Cathedral (and his wife a wonderful poet), and with parents who were docents at the cathedral after their retirement, I feel closely akin to the church, its past, present, and future. As a child passing the time while my mother worked in the diocesan office on the cathedral close, I played in the Bishop's Garden and loved to visit the Herb Cottage gift shop that had the most charming and quaint tea items, soaps, sachets, etc. This photo of the cathedral was taken (not by me) from a pavilion in the Bishop's Garden, a place I often sat and day dreamed.

Bishop Katharine is reaching out to bring unity and fellowship, brotherly and sisterly love and communion, to all. My prayer is for peace throughout the world.


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