Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Who are you - Identity 2.0?

Dick Hardt presents a fascinating lecture (not too long, easy to follow, with images and text on screen) on the question of evolving identity for the 21st century, how we prove who we are: starting from the notion that identity is what you say about yourself and what others say about you, through verification (such as driver's license) to some sort of coming technology for online digital identity verification.

All of which relates tangentially to my current research with Michael into identity formation / self-presentation. Why do people care about the photo on their driver's license - whether or not it is flattering? Because in some ways that card is "who you are" to the authorities. So, if you live in Oregon and go for a new driver photo, remember that the background is turquoise blue, so wear something that coordinates nicely.

But back to the 2.0 concept - if web 2.0 means writing as well as reading, producing as well as consuming, what does this identity 2.0 concept lead to? The frequent shifting presentation of multiple identities online - which might correspond to the various discourse communities / affinity groups each person belongs to (or wants to belong) insiders/wannabes.


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