Saturday, December 30, 2006

Brown Cow Yogurt's Rhetoric

Being a long time fan of Brown Cow Yogurt's Cream on Top yogurts and noting that they donate to environmental causes, I was eager to see the repackaging / new look that “Lily [the brown cow] wanted.” Unfortunately, I am disappointed by the new foil top which no longer allows me to reseal the yogurt if I don’t finish it. Luckily, I still have one or two of the older packages, and the old red lids will fit the new cups, so I will keep them to seal the cups.

Of course, I am not likely to need to do that very often in the future because they decreased the size of the cup 25% from 8 oz. to 6 oz. while keeping the price the same (.99 cents at either of the stores I frequent). This is effectively a 32% increase in price (6 oz for .99 compared to 8 oz for .99), a sneaky and deceitful way of raising prices under the cover of a sentimental story that Lily the nice brown cow wanted a new look. I am very disappointed in this company. They pretend to be consumer friendly, but by this action, they show that they are just another greedy corporation. I pointed this out to the other customers in the store last night so they would see what the company is up to. The management was apologetic. Of course, it is not their fault.

Perhaps if enough former customers let Brown Cow know of their disappointment, they will reconsider and reduce the price to .75 cents, which is the same rate per ounce as presently. Then Brown Cow would look like generous and fair-minded folks. And since they are saving money with the new lids, they will still come out ahead. If you want to write to them on this subject, their address is Brown Cow Farm Antioch, CA 94509, or try their website.


Blogger haiku_assault said...

brown cow haiku:

six ounce dairy tease
cow logic -- 'old size too big!'
bovine penny pinch

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