Friday, August 17, 2007

Election year rhetoric - Barmedical

One day some years ago I was reading my old dictionary (1968 Random House) and I discovered at the top of a page the word "barmecidal" which intrigued me, especially after I read the definition:
Plentiful or abundant in appearance only; illusory: a Barmecidal feast.

[After Barmecide, a nobleman in The Arabian Nights, who served an imaginary feast to a beggar.] [see the link too]
Immediately, I could see possibilities to use in political debate and elections: "My opponent's health care plan is barmecidal!" It sounds serious - and really, it is serious considering the scandal in health care coverage - but I doubt this will catch on. Most likely, this is just one my habit of loving words (is this philology?).



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