Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Spam and more Spam

Growing up in Washington DC I first knew Spam as the Hormel meat that my father often ate for breakfast fried like sausage or bacon or Scrapple (an East Coast treat for sure - the directions don't sound pretty but it tastes very good). Note: (This Spam link is hilarious - there is a Spammobile and a Spam fan club! Imagine.)

Only later did Monty Python make their Spam skit. And now of course we have Spam everywhere. I enjoyed an interesting article in recent (August 2007) New Yorker by Michael Specter and when searching for a link to post here I found another, earlier New Yorker piece (Feb 2003), on the same subject by James Gleick.

My father was a great New Yorker fan, so the circle is complete!

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