Sunday, October 29, 2006


In an effort to become more knowledgeable (i.e. less clueless) about an important cultural phenomenon - The Simpsons - I have borrowed from Melissa, one of our new graduate teaching assistants (a poet), a copy of The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh of Homer edited by William Irwin, Mark T. Conard, and Aeon J. Skoble. Melissa promises to show me some former episodes so that I can learn more. I confess, I have never watched this show. There are several reasons: One, I grew up without a TV in the house and never got the TV viewing habit. The first TV in my house came with my second husband, and mostly he watched. Oh, I did become a Miami Vice addict in the old days and I stroll through the den to watch Formula One car racing or some PBS, History Channel, Discovery, etc from time to time, but I am an infrequent viewer. Not even Oregon State's recent win over USC (maybe it wasn't even on TV? Go Beavs!)

A great favorite of ours - not on at present as far as I can tell - we have DISH so we get quite a bit -- are the Sherlock Holmes series from BBC with Jeremy Brett. Truly the quintessential Sherlock. Fortunately we have videos of many, and last night re-watched The Copper Beeches. Maybe there is a Simpsons episode with Sherlock? Melissa will know.

ps: apparently the Springfield in Simpsons is not in Oregon.